Nail Salon UV Exposure Raises Cancer Risk

A radiation oncologist says a recent study concerning skin cancer risks related to using ultraviolent dryers at nail salons reinforces the need to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Beatrice Bloom, MD, radiation oncologist at the North Shore-LIJ Cancer Institute, says you can wear sunblock and UV-protective clothing to try to protect your skin, but even that does not erase the skin cancer risk.

Researchers who tested the ultraviolet lamps that people use to dry their nails at salons found that using them as few as eight times could increase the skin cancer risk. Dr. Bloom says that even taking precautions such as applying sunblock still leave the nails and surrounding tissue susceptible to skin cancer.

“I think this is a very preliminary study,” Dr. Bloom said. “This is not a study based on incidence of skin cancers actually happening; it’s a study that’s based on potential damage based on exposure. So I think the take home is that people should be aware that there’s potential damage and should exercise some judgment.”

Dr. Bloom said manicures once in a while may not be too harmful, but going once a month can mean a lot of UV exposure.



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