Multiple Medical Services Under One Roof

During the past three years, Cassandra Francis put on 70 pounds. She hadn’t seen a doctor recently, but when she started having chest pains, the Long Island mother of two decided it was time for a medical checkup.

A visit with Michele Belding, MD, an internal medicine specialist at North Shore-LIJ’s Multi Specialty Center in Rego Park, revealed several health concerns.

“I went for a general checkup, and they found many things wrong with me,” said Ms. Francis, who learned she has diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. “I wound up seeing quite a few of the doctors here at the center.”

Located at 95-25 Queens Boulevard, the Multi Specialty Center offers 17 clinical specialties. All services are integrated with Forest Hills and the North Shore-LIJ Health System.

In addition to seeing Dr. Belding, Ms. Francis goes to the center for appointments with Sanjay Kirtane, MD, a cardiologist, and Leslie Peralta, a registered dietitian and diabetes educator.

“It’s easier for a patient to have all her doctors located within the same facility. It improves physician-to-physician communication, as well as patient compliance,” said Dr. Belding. “The patient feels that everybody’s involved and on the same page for her treatment.”

Recently, the center acquired another floor in the building and will expand its offerings in the coming year to include specialists in neurology, psychiatry, and ear, nose and throat care.

Having so many medical subspecialties at the center helps ensure immediate care is available when needed.

“If I have a patient who complains of severe joint pain, shows swelling or edema, and needs an injection in the knee, we have an orthopedist here who can see the patient immediately,” Dr. Belding said. “They don’t have to make another appointment or travel to another doctor. This helps avoid delays in patient treatment and improves the continuity of patient care.”

Photo Caption: Patient Cassandra Francis is flanked by Dr. Michele Belding, an internal medicine specialist, and Leslie Peralta, a registered dietitian and diabetes educator, both part of a team of health care professionals who treat her at North Shore-LIJ’s Multi Specialty Center in Rego Park. 

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