M&M Glass Recall Raises Lead Concerns

GREAT NECK, NY --  A New York doctor explains the dangers of lead and cadmium poisoning on the heels of  the FDA recalling shot and pint glasses sold exclusively through M&M’S World retail stores.

Dr. Jacqueline M. Moline, MD, who serves as the Chair of Population Health for the North Shore-LIJ Health System, says these chemicals pose an alarming threat to children. 

"Lead and cadmium are commonly used in pigments, but should not be used when food will be consumed.  Elevated lead levels are a well-known cause of neurological problems in children and can lead to life-long learning difficulties,” said Dr. Moline. “It is also associated with kidney damage, hyperactivity, muscle aches and pains, abdominal pain, headaches and anemia. Cadmium can also cause neurological problems and kidney issues.”

The products being recalled contain an image with either the red M&M’S character and the words “hard on the outside, soft on the inside;” the blue character and the words “Who’s your candy?,” or the green character and the words “Eye candy.” These glasses should be returned immediately, and should not be used to drink anything.

Dr. Moline also expressed a need for safer practices when dealing with chemicals such as lead or cadmium, and, in particular, companies that have products geared toward children.

“It is particularly concerning when companies marketing to children use hazardous substances in their products,” she said.  “This recall shows the continued need for vigilance to ensure that unnecessary exposure to heavy metals is avoided.”

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