Mets Food Poisoning Puts Spotlight on Food Safety

An infectious disease physician says Mets first baseman Lucas Duda claiming he got food poisoning from a burger is a reminder that properly cooking meat should prevent food poisoning, unless the meat is contaminated.

“If you cook a burger well, then you will not likely get sick from it,” says Bruce Farber, MD, chief of infectious disease at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset and LIJ Medical Center in New Hyde Park. “Unfortunately, cooking food well that has been contaminated by pre-formed toxins does not often work because the toxin is not killed by heat.”
Dr. Farber adds that for steak, you just need to cook the outside well to kill toxins but with ground beef, since it has been mixed, you need to cook the whole beef patty through. When cooking anything, it is important to wash your hands and practice good hygiene because those germs cause the most common form of food poisoning, Dr. Farber says.

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