Long Island’s Fourth Annual Brain Aneurysm Awareness Walk Raises $60,000 to Fund Essential Research

WANTAGH, NY – The Brain Aneurysm Center of the North Shore-LIJ Health System’s Cushing Neuroscience Institute (CNI), along with the Brain Aneurysm Foundation (BAF), recently hosted Long Island’s Fourth Annual Brain Aneurysm Awareness Walk at Jones Beach State Park to promote awareness and education. Approximately $60,000 raised from the walk will benefit CNI’s Brain Aneurysm Center and the Brain Aneurysm Foundation (BAF) to support essential research that may directly benefit those affected and help to reduce the incidence of ruptured aneurysms. 

Hundreds of walkers, including brain aneurysm survivors and their family and friends, attended the fun-filled event on September 29. Many doctors, nurses and staff members from the Brain Aneurysm Center at North Shore University Hospital (NSUH) in Manhasset, NY were also in attendance to show their support of the many patients they have treated over the years.  Among the physicians present were David Chalif, MD and Avi Setton, MD, co-directors of the Brain Aneurysm Center.  “One of the goals of this event is to increase awareness about the warning signs of a brain aneurysm,” said Dr. Chalif.  “The symptoms can include severe headache, nausea, blurred or double vision, stiff neck or neck pain, pain above or behind the eye, and loss of sensation.” 

One of the brain aneurysm survivors honored at the walk was 38 year-old Tamara Danzilo, a stay-at-home mom of two young children from Wantagh, NY.  Ms. Danzilo shared her story with the crowd and thanked Dr. Chalif, Dr. Setton, Jennifer Laffey, RN, Nicole Salant, RN, and the rest of the NSUH staff for saving her life: In January 2012, she was treated for a brain aneurysm that could have taken her life had she not paid attention to symptoms when they first occurred.  Dr. Chalif was able to surgically clip the aneurysm, closing off the blood flow to the brain. 

Another unexpected highlight of the event was a special “creature of the ocean” in attendance– a unique whale sighting off the shoreline while the brain aneurysm walk was in progress.  Hundreds of walk participants stood in awe of the beautiful whale as it spouted water and put on a spectacular show.

About the Brain Aneurysm Center at North Shore University Hospital:
The Brain Aneurysm Center, located at North Shore University Hospital, offers state-of-the-art diagnosis and multimodality treatments for brain aneurysms including endovascular coiling, micro-surgical clipping and a variety of adjunctive diagnostic techniques used to improve clinical outcomes for ruptured aneurysms.  In addition, the Brain Aneurysm Center is one of the few national centers with expertise in intracranial bypass surgery, including the recently FDA approved ELANA laser assisted bypass technique.   For more information about the Brain Aneurysm Center, call (516) 562-3070 or visit www.northshorelij.com/cushing-neuroscience-institute/our-centers/brain-aneurysm-center-overview

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