Lindsay Lohan Is Being Hypnotized to Quit Smoking

GREAT NECK, NY – Lindsay Lohan is using hypnotism to help her quit smoking and a New York tobacco cessation expert says this is a method that should be studied more.

“Currently, the evidence shows that using counseling and cessation medications is really the best way to quit smoking,” says Patricia Folan, RN, director of the Center for Tobacco Control at the North Shore-LIJ Health System in Great Neck. “We know that it improves your chances two to threefold.  Having said that, we know that some people do not quit with that method.”

Ms. Folan notes that there have not been a lot of studies about hypnosis and its effects on quitting smoking. 

“There have been some small studies on hypnosis and I think maybe we should expand those,” she says.

Ms. Folan has encouraged some people in the Center for Tobacco Control to try hypnotism if they think they need extra support or if they anticipate this method will be beneficial for them. At the Center for Tobacco Control, they use a mixture of counseling, behavior change, relapse prevention strategies and medications. They also use hypnosis and guided imagery to help people de-stress.
“I applaud anyone who can quit smoking by whatever means,” Ms. Folan says.


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