LifeRocks Provide Peace for Patients at North Shore-LIJ

LAKE SUCCESS, NY – The North Shore-LIJ Health System today announced the donation of of seven “LifeRocks” from  Gary Brustein of Brookville, NY and Robert Schoner of Manalapan, NJ.

Six of these truly exquisite pieces of naturally sculpted art have been installed in the Women’s Garden adjoining the new Katz Women’s Hospital  at LIJ Medical Center  and one large piece has been installed near the main entrance at North Shore University Hospital (NSUH).

Mr. Brustein wanted to give back to the Katz Women’s Hospitals and NSUH, where his children were born.  “Hopefully the patients, families and visitors of these two hospitals who view these LifeRocks will find peace, hope and release from any stress and anxiety,” he said.  Mr. Schoner, who worked in China for more than a decade, spoke of the feeling of serenity and peace he felt upon first seeing these naturally formed structures in Chinese gardens. He said he wanted to share that feeling with other people, adding, “These rocks will give anyone in need of positive energy a sense of hope.”

There is a deep history behind the LifeRocks, or gongshi, which translated means “spirit stones.” The collection and appreciation of gongshi as a favored Chinese tradition is believed to have originated during the Tang Dynasty, which ruled China from the 7th through 10th centuries, though some scholars believe it may trace back to the much earlier Han Dynasty, 206 BC – 220 AD. Characterized by different color streaks and a distinctive form, each stone is thought to embody its own life force and can impart inner harmony to those who meditate on their beauty.

Like every hospital, LIJ Medical Center and NSUH are places where people may undergo periods of significant stress and uncertainty. Gifted in the spirit of love and compassion for patients, families, visitors and employees, it is hoped many will find peace, balance and a brief respite from their concerns while gazing upon the beauty and reflecting in the added level of serenity these LifeRocks bring to the environment.

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