Lenox Hill weight-loss program makes health a habit

This is not a diet.

Lenox Hill Hospital’s Core4 Create Your Weight™  is about boosting overall health and confidence by understanding and improving eating habits, lifestyle and activity choices to achieve long-term results.

Just ask Kathryn. 

"My thinking about losing weight and eating and all that was completely changed," said the 53-year-old Bronx resident and Core4 participant. "You think, 'eat well, exercise, take in fewer calories, and that’s how you lose the weight.' And then you come into this and, oh, this is almost down to the cellular level of whats going on with your body and food."

Dropping 50 pounds and 1.25 inches in waist circumference is only one of the benefits she has reaped from the program, which she says has "changed her life." She had to have both of her hips replaced at age 43 due to severe arthritis. After ten years, her doctors are telling her she has to lose weight to extend the life of the artifical hips.

"It's important that I have as little load as possible on all of my joints, because I'm not looking to have lots of surgeries," she said, adding that she hopes to lose another 50 pounds in the next six months. "I need to have this program to get to where I need to be to stay healthy." 

Core4 is designed for participants to lose about 10 percent of their body weight in six months. It encompasses nutrition education, physical activity and an emphasis on behavioral therapy. Taught by Lenox Hill Hospital registered dietitians, participants learn the tools for long-term weight management and gradual weight loss. Behavior modification teaches participants how to listen to their body and become empowered to make better food and eating decisions.

Core4 Create Your Weight™ is a two-phase program:

  • Phase One is the weight loss component that begins with an individual appointment with a Registered Dietitian and follows with 10 group sessions. Classes meet once per week for one hour on Mondays and Thursdays. Sessions begin in January, May and September. Individual assessments are encouraged prior to the start of the group sessions.
  • Phase Two is the weight management component that begins after the participants complete the first 10-week weight loss program. Phase Two offers monthly support groups on a variety of topics to increase the participant's long-term success and confidence. Phase Two is encouraged for at least three months and is available for nine additional months. Participants are able to continue with the program after completing the program. 

Another Core4 participant Linda Rubin completed the program in 2015. A Manhattan chef who cooks healthier versions of comfort food, she struggled with emotional eating. 

"I would want something quick," she said. "I had such a disconnect and I felt very hypocritical."

After completing the program, Linda was happy to say that, "I'm walking the walk and talking the talk."

So much so that she returned to the program to give a cooking demonstration to particpants from a new session. 

Learn more about Core4 Create Your Weight.

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