Lenox Hill Human Reproduction Patient Testimonial - Tamar

From the first minute I met Dr. Singer, I knew I was in good hands.

He is exactly the kind of Doctor that you wish to have, especially when you’re in such a vulnerable state.

Dr. Singer never treated me as just “another patient”. I always felt that he really cares about me and was open to any question or concern I had. He made the whole experience very pleasant and comfortable.

His follow-up and involvement during the pregnancy process were extremely professional, and I always felt so comfortable around him. He kind, calm and pleasant personality, combined with his extreme professionalism, make up an amazing and special kind of doctor!

It was very refreshing to have a doctor like Dr. Singer; that truly cares about you, sees the full picture and has endless patience.

So far I have 2 wonderful boys, and I hope Dr. Singer will be around when I have my third (girl?).

Thank you Dr. Singer!

- Tamar

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