Lenox Hill Human Reproduction Patient Testimonial - Mili

“When I was trying to conceive our second child (first was also conceived via IVF), I saw Dr. Tomer Singer every few days, sometimes every day.”

I was taken with his brilliant skills and confidence, making assessments and difficult decisions. He had the ability to tell me the truth with absolute clarity. He was as detailed and patient as I needed it to be — simplifying or elaborating — he was in tune with my needs, as if there were no other patients waiting (and there were many).

With his genuine optimism, I was never made to feel like I was a medical case. I was not just his patient, I was a miracle waiting to happen.

And he was right.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Singer for not only treating me, but for making it a fascinating and human journey, in which I never felt alone.

- Mili

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