Katz Women’s Institute Celebrates Women’s Health During Fashion Show

Fashion show atr Bloomingdales
Katz Women’s Institute Celebrates Women’s Health

NEW HYDE PARK, NY – Thirteen gorgeous models strutted, twirled and played to a cheering crowd during a very well-attended fashion show recently at Bloomingdales in Roosevelt Field.

These particular models had much more than their love of high-fashion in common; they were all former or current patients of the Katz Women’s Institute, part of the North Shore-LIJ Health System. They all agreed to participate in “A Fashion Presentation in Celebration of Women’s Health and Wellness.”

Their conditions were as varied as their outfits, ranging from weight loss to cardiac disease to melanoma to a chronic scalp condition. One woman appeared in honor of the daughter she lost to cancer; two best friends strutted their stuff with their new babies in their arms.

Before the show, there was a brief introduction by Stacey Rosen, MD, Vice President of Women’s Health.

“At the Katz Institute, women’s health is our priority,” she said. “No one takes care of their health without a woman in their lives. It’s our job to take care of our families. But, we must also be responsible for taking care of ourselves.”

After the show, the models were all eager to share their individual stories of illness and survival. While dancing to DJ-supplied music, one breast cancer survivor summed it up for the group: “We’re here to live…we’re here to survive.”

As the models all took to the stage for the finale, Dr. Rosen once again offered her thanks—first, to Bloomingdales for their generosity and then to all the women who were courageous enough to share their stories.

“This,” she said,” pointing to the triumphant group of women, “is what women’s health really looks like.”

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