Kale May Be On McDonald’s Menu

NEW HYDE PARK, NY – Move over Big Mac, McDonald’s may be adding kale to its fast food offerings. The proposed new addition would be a welcome change to the Golden Arches menu, says a New York dietician, but she has some reservations – mainly how the leafy green will be used.

McDonald’s has yet to confirm the addition, which has been reported by several media outlets, or specify how it would incorporate kale into the mix.

“If the kale is presented in a salad loaded with vegetables and a low-fat salad dressing, it would be a good alternative to have on the menu so customers can select that over some of their classic foods that are higher in calories, sodium and fat (like the Big Mac),” said  Sotiria Everett, RD, nutritionist at the Katz Institute for Women’s Health.

”But my concern is, even some of their so-called ‘healthy’ salads on the menu contain an excess amount of fat, sodium and calories -- check out their crispy chicken Cesar salad with dressing with almost 30 grams of fat.”

Kale is a nutrient rich vegetable, very high in vitamins A, C & K, potassium and phytonutrients, which may help prevent disease and keep your body working properly.

Ironically, McDonalds rolled out a new ad campaign in January singing the praises of its Big Mac – like its creamy secret sauce, double beef patties – while declaring its iceberg lettuce “will never be kale.” 

That drives home Ms. Everett’s cautionary point: “I think it may be a good thing to see that a fast food chain like McDonald’s is trying to offer healthier options, but the consumer should still be aware of the overall nutrient profile of the menu and, in general, only eat fast food once in a while.”





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