The truth about spring allergies

Punita Ponda, MD, discusses spring allergies, who's susceptible and what you can do to alleviate symptoms.

Gun violence is a public health issue

Michael Dowling: Understanding gun violence as a public health issue and passing more ERPO laws will help remedy the problem.

Long Island's first heart transplant recipient

Featured in the Health Story podcast, Yvonne Fleming and her care team share their experience during Long Island's first heart transplant procedure.

The evolution of hospitals

Michael Dowling: Value-based health care has transitioned services out of hospitals and led to the rise of ambulatory care and telemedicine.

Five steps to Stop the Bleed

Timothy Dackow, RN, EMT-P, tells how you can control bleeding after a traumatic injury.

Five benefits of integrated medical groups

Ira Nash, MD, shows the strengths of integrated medical groups: seamless coordination, improved communication and access to new treatments.