Innovation at Work: Lenox Hill NS App

Lenox Hill Hospital neurosurgery patients are trying a new post-discharge tool that helps them understand their diagnosis and treatment and aid their healing.

Produced by Lenox Hill Hospital’s Division of Neurosurgery and North Shore-LIJ Ventures, the Lenox Hill NS app is in advanced beta testing. The HIPAA-compliant, web-based platform is an e-book that incorporates text, document files (PDF, Microsoft Word) and highly customized multimedia, such as a review of diagnostic scans and audio/video created at bedside to explain complex information. An email invitation lets patients sign up and create a secure login.

Furthermore, Apple iOS users can download the Lenox Hill NS app to view their discharge instructions. The app also provides “Click to Call,” emails of care team members and a link to Lenox Hill’s Division of Neurosurgery Web page. Other mobile platforms and more mobile functionality, such as patient-to-hospital text and video communication, plus future markets for the app, are in development by Cirrus Health.

Preliminary neurosurgical patients have enrolled for a randomized study that examines the patient experience with Lenox Hill NS, patient engagement in their own discharge process, medication compliance, follow-up adherence, 30-day hospital readmission rates and emergency department visits, and provider experience. Initial results have been promising and the study is structured to provide ample material for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Lenox Hill Hospital’s Neurosurgery Division won a 2015 President’s Award for Innovation for creating the app. 

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