Hurricane Arthur Prompts Doctor’s Warnings

 Staten Island, NY -- The Fourth of July weekend makes for one of the busiest days in emergency rooms across the country and with Hurricane Arthur gathering strength down south, a New York doctor is warning boaters and others on the shore to be aware of potential danger.

  “Add a storm off shore, a three-day weekend, and a holiday where alcohol consumption is typically higher, it makes for a dangerous combination,” said Dr. Brahim Ardolic, chairman of Emergency Medicine at Staten Island University Hospital. 

 It’s still anyone’s guess whether Arthur’s weather will wash out Fourth of July fun this weekend. But even if the potential hurricane busts, and sunny skies break, the threat to beachgoers is still high.
 Storms at sea have the potential to create very dangerous coastal conditions like increased surf level, and others that are not so easy to spot. 

 Strong undertows and riptides are a great risk to swimmers, and increase their risk of drowning,” said Ardolic. “You can be in bright sunshine and get some really turbulent sea. I would definitely advise people to be extremely careful while this is off the coast while they’re swimming in the ocean and keep a watchful eye on children.”

 Ardolic cautions boaters as well: “If you’re an inexperienced boater, keep the boat docked.”


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