Huntington Hospital Offers Air Transports through Northwell Health’s SkyHealth

HUNTINGTON, NY – When a person is in critical need to get to or from Huntington Hospital quickly because they have experienced a severe trauma or medical ailment, they can now get there through Northwell Health’s SkyHealth helicopter.

            The SkyHealth helicopter can travel up to 135 miles an hour, quickly getting critical patients to life-saving care. After receiving approval from the Town of Huntington, Huntington Hospital has begun using its helipad on Mill Dam Road, just a short distance from the hospital.

            “For people who have experienced trauma or are having a medical emergency, it is important to get patients to the care that they need as quickly as possible,” said Gerard Brogan, Jr., MD, executive director of Huntington Hospital. “We appreciate the Town and SkyHealth working with us to make this possible.”

            For more information about Huntington Hospital’s trauma and emergency medicine services, call 631-351-2000. To learn more about SkyHealth, call 1-844-759-4584.

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