Huntington Hospital Discovers 1960s Time Capsule

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March 28, 2016
Huntington Hospital Discovers Time Capsule from 1960s

Construction workers building a new emergency department at Huntington Hospital found something unexpected along the way – a piece of the 1960s.

Workers as part of the construction of the new emergency department discovered a time capsule from that turbulent, although now distant, decade.

Randy Howard, the hospital’s vice president of operations, said in a written statement that it was a “great feeling” to find a piece of the past.

But if you think the capsule was filled with music such as Beatles songs, the lyrics of Bob Dylan, posters of movies such as Bonnie and Clyde, Star Trek memorabilia, newspaper clippings related to the Vietnam War or other items from that era, you’d be wrong.

This tiny piece of treasure, recovered as the hospital celebrates its own 100th anniversary, contained much more mundane items related to the hospital’s own history.

Contents included documents such as a hospital press release from 1960, a 1961 financial statement and a 1962 hospital department chief list.

Executives at the hospital, which is part of Northwell Health, plan to fill the capsule with “mementos for future generations” and place it inside one of the main beams of the soon-to-be-completed new emergency department.

Don’t look for iPhones, print-outs of Tweets, articles about the upcoming election or other ephemera. Contents include brochures about the new emergency department, a rate card and other information relevant to the hospital and its users.

Huntington Hospital, which opened May 1, 1916, is on track to open its new emergency department next January, although it will be complete with a little message hidden within.


Huntington Patch
March 28, 2016


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