Honoring Veterans

Franklin Hospital has created a “Wall of Honor” featuring photos of staff members who are veterans.

For Michael Isaacs, RN, assistant nurse manager of Franklin’s emergency department, who was an Army medic stationed in San Antonio, this commemorative wall brought some appreciated recognition and gratitude.

“It’s a tremendous focal point in the lobby,” Mr. Isaacs said. “Just seeing people stop and hearing people say ‘thank you for your service’ means a lot to me. I learned there are a lot more veterans in the building than I previously thought.”

Franklin’s human resources (HR) department is encouraging veterans who are comfortable disclosing their status to contact HR so their photos can be added to the wall. There may also be a regular meeting of veterans at the hospital to create a better sense of community among the veteran employees.

“We are so pleased to be able to honor our veterans who have done so much for our country,” said Monique Herbert, senior HR specialist at Franklin. “We hope that the wall will bring more of a sense of community and pride for Franklin Hospital employees, patients and visitors.”

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