A Healthcare Proxy Is Easy, Free–and Protects Your Medical Choices

When you file your taxes, don’t forget what you owe yourself—peace of mind. On April 16, National Healthcare Decision Day, designate a healthcare agent so your medical care follows your wishes, values and beliefs.

Fill in a healthcare proxy form to allow anyone youchoose–a relative or loved one–to act as your healthcare agent in case you become incapacitated. It is a free, simple and quick.

A healthcare agent follows your instructions for medical care if you become unable to do so. When considering whom to designate, choose someone who can speak on your behalf about your medical care. Make sure to choose someone who will advocate for you if necessary.

Talk to your healthcare agent and communicate exactly what’s important to you about your care. In case of a sudden or unexpected illness or injury, that person can ensure that healthcare pracitioners and facilities follow your wishes about medical care.

You do not need a lawyer to designate a healthcare agent. Download the free Healthcare Proxy Form, complete and sign it, then give a copy to your healthcare agent and your doctor. Save a copy for your records, too. Then relax and enjoy your peace of mind.

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