Guardians of Excellence

The physicians, nurses and staff at Glen Cove Hospital may not be Guardians of the Galaxy, but they are superheroes of patient care.

Press Ganey Associates, Inc. has honored Glen Cove Hospital with a 2014 Guardian of Excellence award in patient satisfaction for both its Emergency Department and outpatient Don Monti Cancer Center. Hear what two of Glen Cove Hospital’s patient care superheroes have to say about it.

What makes Glen Cove Hospital a Guardian of Excellence?

Eileen Sheehy-Milano, MD, chief of Hematology/Oncology at Glen Cove Hospital: We had to stay at or above the 95th percentile in patient satisfaction for all four consecutive quarters in the reporting period of one year. In other words, for one year we outperformed 95 percent of the more than 11,000 US hospitals whose satisfaction scores Press Ganey measures on a regular basis.

Why are patients so happy with the care they get in the Emergency Department?

Leonardo Huertas, MD, chair of the Emergency Department at Glen Cove Hospital: Over the past few years, we’ve completely changed the culture of our ED. For us, it’s all about responsibility. Every single member of our team is personally responsible for making our patients as satisfied as possible. That includes everyone from our physicians and nurses to security personnel, secretarial staff and housekeeping. We’re a team, and we all play a part in the patient experience.

What’s so great about the care patients receive at the Cancer Center?

Dr. Sheehy-Milano: We’re compassionate, courteous and sensitive to our patients’ needs — and that begins before our physicians ever see the patient. Our front desk and support staff are trained to treat everyone who walks through our door with the same kind of care and prompt concern that Dr. Crina Vintila and I provide. We’re as passionate about first impressions as we are about long-term outcomes.

Let’s cut to the chase — why should this award matter to the community?

Dr. Huertas: It tells them they’ll get the same high standard of care here that they would get at the very best hospitals in the country. We treat our patients like family members, and that means they get the best care we can give them, every time.

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Glen Cove Hospital is one of only five hospitals in the state of New York to receive the 2014 Guardian of Excellence award for patient satisfaction.

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