Good Hygiene Will Prevent Norovirus from Spreading


SYOSSET, NY – People who want to prevent the spread of the norovirus, which sickened more than 170 people aboard the Crown Princess cruise ship, should wash their hands properly, a New York emergency medicine physician says.

The virus that infected several aboard the Crown Princess can cause diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Transmission happens from person to person either through direct contact or sharing food, drinks or eating utensils, says Joseph Garber, MD, director of emergency medicine at Syosset Hospital. A person who has the norovirus is only contagious once they have symptoms and then is contagious for about three days.

“It can also be transmitted through contaminated food,” Dr. Garber says. “So if someone has diarrhea and they don’t clean their hands properly and they prepare food that you then consume, you can get it that way as well.”

For people concerned about their food products, Dr. Garber says they should be cooked to more than 140 degrees to kill germs. 

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