Glen Cove Hospital Smoking Cessation Program Starts Jan. 7

Time to quit smoking

GLEN COVE, NY – Many people use the New Year’s holiday as motivation to quit smoking.  To help community members make this resolution a reality, Glen Cove Hospital and the North Shore-LIJ Health System’s Center for Tobacco Control (CTC) will offer a five-week smoking cessation program beginning Jan. 7. 

The one-hour program will run weekly through Feb. 18, beginning at noon in the hospital’s Pratt Auditorium, 101 St. Andrew’s Lane, Glen Cove. 

Led by CTC’s cessation experts, the group program uses behavioral-change counseling along with FDA-approved medications.  Research shows that counseling combined with cessation medications can double or even triple quit success rates.  The classes focus on preparing participants for the quit attempt, helping them through the initial quitting process and developing strategies to avoid relapse.  Each class is designed to enhance motivation and maintain abstinence, while focusing on individual comfort throughout the process.

The cost of the class is $75 and covers counseling and nicotine replacement products for up to one year (patches, gum or lozenges).  Participants are welcome to bring lunch to the classes.  To register for the program, please call 516-466-1980.

Since 2002, the CTC cessation program has helped more than  5,000 people quit smoking.  The quit rate for those who attend the majority of the classes is better than  80 percent at the six-week mark, with nearly 40 percent of them still smoke-free after one year.

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