Glen Cove Hospital Launches e-ICU to Expand Service to Critical Care Patients

Critical care nurses, Lynn McGrady, Jaime Hodne, Angie Thangavelu, and Saurabh Chandra, MD, medical director of Glen Cove Hospital’s eICU, activate video communication with clinical specialists at Northwell Health’s telemedicine center in Syosset.

GLEN COVE, NY – Glen Cove Hospital recently launched its electronic, or e-Intensive Care Unit (ICU) program to expand care for critically ill patients, providing ICU clinical bedside teams with 24/7 remote specialist support. 

The hospital’s ICU is linked to Northwell Health’s (formerly North Shore-LIJ Health System) Telehealth Center in Syosset at the Center for Emergency Medical Services.  The technology includes the use of two-way cameras, monitors and communication/computer programs that transmit information between patients and the command center where intensivist physicians and nurses have real-time access to patients’ vital signs and cardiac rhythms around-the-clock.    There is also a microphone and speaker in the patient’s room to allow direct communication between the eICU team, the bedside healthcare providers and patients or family members.

“An intensivist or other bedside ICU staff member can only be in one place at a time,” said Brad Sherman, MD, Glen Cove Hospital’s medical director.  “With the new technology, the e-ICU increases our ability to closely monitor our most complex patients.  It gives us several sets of eyes that are constantly watching our patients, providing extra reassurance to staff, patients and family members.”

Dr. Sherman said the monitor, and camera, when turned on, can zoom in on details such a patient’s skin color, blood pressure machine and medication doses, adding an extra layer of surveillance.  “Implementation of the eICUs at other Northwell Health hospitals have significantly improved both the mortality and efficiency of the ICU,” he added.

In addition to the eICU program at Glen Cove, the hospital has an intensivist onsite and has added Advanced Care Practitioners –highly trained nurse practitioners and physician assistants, who will staff the ICU around-the-clock.

Glen Cove already has similar telemedicine capabilities, which were installed in its Specialized Disease Unit.  At Northwell Health, eICU’s are in place at Franklin, Southside, and Plainview Hospitals and also at the medical intensive care unit at North Shore University Hospital.

“Glen Cove Hospital and Northwell Health have made a positive and significant investment in the cutting-edge electronic ICU technology.  We are providing the highest level of critical care for our most vulnerable patients in our community,” said Susan Kwiatek, DNP, the hospital’s executive director.


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