Glen Cove Hospital Earns Energy Star for Six Years in a Row

 GLEN COVE, NY – For the sixth straight year, Glen Cove Hospital has been awarded the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) prestigious Energy Star, demonstrating superior energy efficiency and environmental protection.  Glen Cove is only one of three Energy Star hospitals in the country and the only facility in New York to earn this distinction for six years in a row.

 Energy star hospitals use an average of 20 percent less energy than similar healthcare facilities and emit 20 percent less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, helping to safeguard the environment.  Energy efficiency also translates into significant cost savings.

 “Hospitals operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and heating and cooling needs are continuous, so there is a strong incentive to be energy efficient,” said Joseph Palumbi, the hospital’s director of facilities engineering. “Over the last six years, energy conscious initiatives have saved the hospital approximately $2.4 million in gas and electric bills.”

 Mr. Palumbi said earning one Energy Star through the voluntary program is a major achievement, but to “receive six consecutive awards is truly setting a gold standard in the healthcare industry.”  He also said much of the hospital’s success is due to the engineering staff’s proactive approach to “keeping the building healthy.”

 The engineering team exceeds manufacturers’ preventive maintenance on all mechanical, plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems, replacing and upgrading equipment as needed for energy efficiency.  Other tactics include upgrading lighting throughout the facility to high efficiency LED lights, which also reduce waste; using energy-friendly, high efficiency equipment.  The hospital also benefits from geothermal wells on the campus that significantly reduce costs for cooling and air conditioning.

 “It is a phenomenal achievement for Glen Cove to earn the Energy Star award six times in a row,” said Susan Kwiatek, DNP, the hospital’s executive director.  “Kudos to our engineering and facilities staff for their ongoing commitment to making the hospital as energy efficient as possible as well as their dedication to protecting our community and the environment.”

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