Getting to the Patient Before Sepsis Does

Lenox Hill Hospital nurse Timothy Aldrich came up with the idea for the Sepsis Toolbox, which is a "one-stop shop" for the treatment of sepsis. It decreases the time it takes to get IV fluids to patients, which is critical in preventing the condition from progressing to severe sepsis and septic shock. 

Sepsis affects more than one million Americans, 28-to-50 percent of whom die from the condition, according to the National Institutes of Health. The chance of death increases every hour it takes to administer antibiotics to the patient. 

Tim's work follows the example set by the Northwell Health Sepsis Task Force, led by Dr. Martin Doerfler, senior vice president of clinical strategy at Northwell Health. It developed a new protocol for the treatment of sepsis that includes early administration of fluids and antibiotics, and implemented it throughout Northwell Health’s network of 21 hospitals. As a result, sepsis-related mortalities within Northwell Health were reduced by nearly 70 percent, which equates to thousands of lives saved.

Timothy's motto is, "Let's get to the patient before sepsis does."

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