Flu Season Still Lingering

A local infection prevention specialist says that an increase in influenza in January means she would not be surprised if the New York State Department of Health didn’t declare an end to flu season until June. 

According to the health department, the flu is still widespread and as of May 10 was in 41 counties in the New York State and the city.
Donna Armellino, DNP, vice president of infection prevention for the North Shore-LIJ Health System, says throughout the year, not just during flu season, it’s important to always practice good hand hygiene, environmental cleaning and staying 6 feet away from people who are sick.

Ms.  Armellino says there are simple steps people should take to avoid getting sick.

“For preventable illnesses, focus on routine vaccines, keeping up to date on childhood vaccines as well as adhering to the adult vaccination schedule.”
She also recommends adults get a dose of Tdap vaccine, which covers pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus, and diphtheria.

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