Exercise Can Help You Avoid Alzheimer’s

MANHASSET, NY – There are many reasons that more exercise lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, which was highlighted in a recent study, says a New York neurologist.

In the study, published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, people who were not exercising as much and had the risk factor gene for Alzheimer’s disease had greater shrinkage of their hippocampus, which is a part of the brain involved in memory.
This is not a clinical trial of exercise, says Marc Gordon, MD, chief of neurology at Zucker Hillside Hospital in Glen Oaks and investigator at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in Manhasset.
“This is an observational study. It might be that there may be other factors that would be associated with a low level of exercise in terms of other unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, etc. And there’s also the possibility of what’s called reverse causality, which is to say that the subset of people who are on the way to develop more shrinkage in the brain, which might be the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, may be less inclined to engage in physical activity.”
Dr. Gordon encourages people to exercise regularly and choose whatever form of exercise they most enjoy.

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