Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle

Courtesy, US Centers for Disease Control

Healthy habits are easier to keep when we learn them as youngsters.

The wellness habits children acquire between ages 5 and 12 often stick with them through adulthood. This makes it extremely important for parents to encourage children to make positive choices. Fortunately, establishing good habits can be both fun and beneficial for the entire family.

  • Involve your children in grocery shopping and planning meals so they will learn about nutrition.
  • Set an example, because children will model your behavior. Make sure you eat healthy snacks and well-balanced meals. 
  • Don’t tell children to “finish your plate” when they’re no longer hungry. This can lead to disordered eating later on.
  • Encourage participation in activities like dance, swimming or soccer for fun — not competition. 
  • Limit sedentary activities such as watching television or playing video games. 

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