Emergency Department Aids Wandering Dog

Franklin Hospital is not a veterinary office, but that didn’t stop the emergency services staff from helping a dog that wandered into their waiting room get the care it needed.

Emergency Medicine Physician Cindy Usher, MD, and Emergency Department Clerk Michelle Calabrese helped get the dog cleaned up and reached out to the local police precinct and vet offices to ensure she was well taken care of while her owner was being located. The emergency medical services team fashioned a temporary leash out of IV tubing to help keep the dog safe.

“We aim to provide the highest quality of care to all who walk in our doors,” said Sanjey Gupta, MD, director of emergency medicine at the hospital. “I applaud the staff for rising to the occasion and helping a community member in need.”

The dog, named Brandy, was reunited with her owner the next day.

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