Easing the Mind, Eliminating the Pain

In 2013, Linda Majeski of Mastic Beach was experiencing pelvic health symptoms so severe that she was afraid to leave her house. Her pain was so bad that she needed to hold onto her husband to walk.

“I had symptoms for two years before I went to the doctor,” Mrs. Majeski said. “I had problems controlling urine, and the pain got to the point where I could not walk. Once I started losing this control, it was time for me to go to the doctor.”

She first visited a doctor affiliated with a hospital that did not have a pelvic floor program.

“They tried to treat me, and I tried telling them it wasn’t working,” she said. “This is when I decided that I had to find another hospital that had what I needed.”

Mrs. Majeski was referred to Peter Finamore, MD, chief of urogynecology at Southside Hospital and member of the Women’s Pelvic Health Program of Suffolk County, part of North Shore-LIJ Health System. Dr. Finamore diagnosed Mrs. Majeski with a prolapsed uterus and rectum.

To treat her prolapsed rectum, Dr. Finamore referred Mrs. Majeski to David Rivadeneira, MD, colorectal specialist and also a member of the Women’s Pelvic Health Program of Suffolk County. Dr. Rivadeneira also diagnosed her with diverticulitis, a painful condition in which pouches form in the wall of the colon and become inflamed or infected.

Mrs. Majeski felt at ease with the physicians from the start. While pelvic floor conditions can be embarrassing for women to discuss with their doctors, Drs. Finamore and Rivadeneira made her feel comfortable throughout the process.

In February 2015, Mrs. Majeski underwent two surgical procedures. Dr. Rivadeneira treated her diverticulitis and addressed her prolapsed rectum, while Dr. Finamore treated her prolapsed uterus with a pelvic sling.

When reflecting on her surgery, one of the main things Mrs. Majeski remembers is how the doctors treated her.

“What I loved about them is that as soon as I came out of the operating room, they came in and they spoke with me,” she said. “When I got to my room, they came in again and met with me. It makes you feel at ease because you’re not in the dark. You feel like they know you.”

Mrs. Majeski was also surprised that the pain she experienced after surgery was so minimal that she did not need pain medicine. She is now 68 years old and as active as ever.

“I am so happy I did this and that I picked this team,” she said when asked if she would recommend her physicians. “If anyone ever has this problem, I would tell them not to wait. Here are the doctors — don’t walk, run to them.”

To learn more about the services offered at the Women’s Pelvic Health Program of Suffolk County, visit bit.ly/nslij-pelvichealth. To schedule an appointment, call 631-273-3080.

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