Don’t Get Sidelined Like Tiger Woods

GREAT NECK, NY –  A local physician says there are simple ways to avoid a microdiscectomy, the injury that will reportedly knock Tiger Woods out of the U.S. Open.
A microdiscectomy is a spinal surgery that is performed for a lumbar herniated disc, explains David Essig, MD, spine surgeon for the North Shore-LIJ Health System.

For people who want to avoid this and other golf-related injuries, Dr. Essig says avoid heavy lifting, particularly if you bend from the waist. Also, try to prevent vigorous twisting.  “Unfortunately, that does go along with golf,” Dr. Essig says. “But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a herniated disc or have an injury. Maybe sometimes lightening up on your back swing or the amount of rotation, which does alter your form, [could help].”

For avid Tiger Woods fans who are concerned about the pro-golfer’s future, Dr. Essig notes, “At this point, from what I understand, I think he’s already doing some light work outs; starting to hit the ball again. I would think that probably after the three month post-operative period, he will gradually resume increasing amounts of activity related to golf play and hopefully be back to good form at the five to six month mark.”

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