Dolan Family Health Center Begins Offering Mental Health Services

Dolan Family Health Center

GREENLAWN, NY – Individuals who seek healthcare at the Dolan Family Health Center in Greenlawn can now access mental health services through a recent partnership with Family Service League, Inc (FSL). 

This partnership will allow patients of the Dolan Family Health Center to receive mental health services, on-site, and as part of the continuum of care.

Individuals with physical health problems often also have behavioral health concerns.  Grace Weinstein, LMSW, from Family Service League, will work collaboratively with the medical providers of the Dolan Family Health Center to co-manage these patients.  Treating the patient at the point of care where the patient is most comfortable and applying a patient-centered and collaborative approach to care will improve overall health outcomes.  These services will be offered in a dedicated counseling room at the Health Center.

“The Dolan Family Health Center has always collaborated with community-based organizations to provide necessary linkages to mental health services and providers,” said Joseph Volavka, senior administrative director of the Dolan Family Health Center. “The Health Center has now advanced its commitment by integrating with Family Service League by co-locating mental health services onsite at Dolan. We want to provide the most comprehensive care to our patients as possible.”

Karen Boorshtein, chief executive officer of Family Service League, said, “There is growing recognition and evidence that quality healthcare must focus on both the physical and behavioral health (mental health and substance abuse issues) needs of the patient, within the family and the community. This partnership will allow us to best serve the community and realize positive outcomes.”

For more information about mental healthcare services at the Dolan Family Health Center, call 631-425-5250.

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