Doctor Downplays ‘Triangle of Death’ Risk

An emergency medicine physician says the danger of people having serious brain-related consequences from doing things like pulling a nose hair or popping a pimple is very small.

 The "triangle of death," mentioned on a recent TV broadcast, is the area between the nose and the upper lip that has a lot of blood vessels and is close to the brain. Infections in that area, according to the broadcast, could be hazardous if they traveled back to a person's brain.

 Alan Kaplan, MD, director of emergency medical services at Plainview Hospital, advises people to keep that area of their face clean, using antibacterial soap. People should also thoroughly wash their hands before touching the area, Dr. Kaplan says.

 For people who are concerned about a complication from disturbing this part of their face, Dr. Kaplan says, "The most common symptom is severe headache. Other serious complications can be double vision, loss of vision and, of course, fever."


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