Convenient Cancer Care

Convenient cancer care is possible through expanded surgical services for patients with thoracic, head and neck, gynecologic, breast, or urologic cancer.

As Long Island Jewish (LIJ) Medical Center and North Shore University Hospital evolve to specialize in different clinical disciplines, the medical center is fortifying its cancer program. The expanded services improve the patient experience, as Mayann Hand and others can attest.

For example, if you receive treatment at the Monter Cancer Center and need to be admitted to LIJ for additional care, you can bypass the admissions process and proceed straight into a patient room at the hospital. Cancer-focused social workers and discharge managers partner with you to coordinate discharge to ambulatory care so you understand your plan for follow-up treatment before you leave the hospital.

And while diagnosing and treating diseases of the lungs, chest, esophagus and trachea often required major surgery in the past, LIJ now offers procedures that are much less invasive.

“We perform many thoracic procedures in a minimally invasive fashion with either robotics or video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery [using small incisions to insert cameras and surgical instruments between the ribs],” said Lawrence Glassman, MD. “Minimally invasive surgeries offer largely the same outcomes as open procedures, but they leave less scarring and ease recovery.”

LIJ thoracic surgeons don’t only use leading-edge techniques — they’re also helping to shape new ones. They are collaborating with anesthesiologists to develop novel ways to administer pain medication, as well as partnering with scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory to use genetics to craft personalized lung cancer treatments. And David Zeltsman, MD, is working with Northwell Health colleagues to develop a 3D-printable artificial trachea.

“We draw on a multidisciplinary team of experts to diagnose and treat these conditions,” said Richard Schwarz, MD, medical director at LIJ. “This is a one-stop destination for unsurpassed thoracic services.” 

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