Cohen Children’s Welcomes New Pediatric Orthopedic Specialists, Expands to Meet Community Needs

Cohen Children’s Medical Center is on its way to becoming one of the nation’s top hospitals for pediatric orthopedic surgery. The transformation means that patients can access what are often life-changing procedures in the community they call home.

“The first step is to become the regional center of excellence so that patients in our community won’t need to travel anywhere else,” said Terry Amaral, MD, the medical center’s new chief of pediatric orthopedic surgery. “The next step is to become a national center of excellence, where patients can come from everywhere to experience the top-notch medical care generally seen in major cities with the comforts of this quiet community.”


Dr. Amaral, who joined Cohen Children’s in June, brings experience with a number of new and innovative orthopedic techniques, including complex spine and limb deformity procedures.

For example, Dr. Amaral is skilled in addressing pediatric limb deformity with the use of magnetic lengthening rods. The rods are placed inside a patient’s limb, and an external motor is used to gradually lengthen the rod and elongate the bone. The procedure, which is just recently being used in children who’ve experienced a traumatic injury or are living with a congenital disorder, is new to Cohen Children’s.

“Very few medical centers in the country offer this advanced surgical procedure,” Dr. Amaral said.

Another skill Dr. Amaral brings to Cohen Children’s is his experience with Taylor Spatial Frame. Taylor Spatial Frame, which corrects an injury-related or congenital limb deformity, uses cuttingedge software to adjust the limb in a more precise way than ever before.

Dr. Amaral is also experienced in a surgical procedure in which a spinal bone (posterior vertebral column resection) is removed to increase a patient’s flexibility and straighten the spine. The surgery, which is also new to Cohen Children’s, is extremely complex and can be risky.

In addition to expanding the hospital’s surgical capabilities, Dr. Amaral also hopes to add more pediatric orthopedic surgeons to the staff.

Next year, Cohen Children’s plans to open a new 8,000-square-foot pediatric orthopedic facility just a quarter mile away from the hospital. The new facility will act as Cohen Children’s main pediatric orthopedic hub, and eventually, satellite offices will be opened around the larger community.

“This hospital is growing in an exponential fashion,” Dr. Amaral said. “I hope to build on the tremendous pediatric orthopedic knowledge that’s already here to best serve our community and beyond.”

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