CDC Designates Glen Cove Hospital As Ebola Treatment Center

Glen Cove Hospital designated Ebola Treatment Center by CDC
Glen Cove Hospital

Glen Cove Hospital, part of the North Shore-LIJ Health System, was one of 35 Ebola treatment centers designated today by the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

To date, Glen Cove Hospital is one of five hospitals in the New York area – and the only facility on Long Island -- identified by the CDC to serve as a local resource to care for potential Ebola patients.

The North Shore-LIJ Health System has invested about $6.7 million to date on Ebola preparedness efforts, including more than $2 million to create a two-room isolation unit at Glen Cove Hospital that would be a receiving center for Ebola patients on Long Island.

“The specialized treatment unit at Glen Cove was designed to care for patients with any type of serious transmittable infectious disease requiring a high level of intensive care,” said Mark Jarrett, MD, senior vice president and chief quality officer at North Shore-LIJ.

About 80 nurses and 18 physicians from across the health system who volunteered to care for any Ebola patients presenting at Glen Cove have undergone extensive training over the past month.

While staff at all of North Shore-LIJ’s 18 hospitals and more than 400 outpatient facilities in the New York area have been trained to safely evaluate a suspected Ebola patient, the health system recruited a volunteer team of critical care experts and created specialized treatment unit at Glen Cove Hospital to provide around-the-clock care to any affected patients.

The treatment unit is located in a separate, discreet area of the hospital, and is equipped with a point-of-care lab and its own entrance/exit. All other existing clinical services at Glen Cove are unaffected by the existence of the unit.

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