The Career and Educational Counseling Center At South Oaks Hospital Celebrates 20 Years of Service

Amityville, NY— More than l00 high school students from across Nassau and Suffolk were invited this month by the Career and Educational Counseling Center at South Oaks Hospital to participate in a half-day experience at the renown Project C.A.R.E. (Challenge Activities Ropes Experience).

The event was part of the Career and Educational Counseling Center’s celebration of 20 years of providing vocational guidance and transitional services to a broad range of individuals with and without disabilities.

The program opened in 1993 with four employees and a contract with ACCES-VR (formerly VESID) to provide 25 days of career guidance for individuals in recovery from an addiction who wanted help returning to work. Over time, services expanded to include transitional planning, job coaching and development, travel training and life skills programming for adolescents as well as a full range of adult services, including vocational and educational testing, guidance, resume preparation and interviewing skills.

“We have ongoing partnerships in the community with school districts, employers and employees,” said Teri Nugent, the center’s administrative director. “Our ability to provide insight regarding strengths and weaknesses through assessment, observation and counseling has been very instrumental in helping those we serve meet challenges and ultimately succeed. Each smile on the faces of the students participating today is how our staff wanted to celebrate twenty years of service. “

Students from 10 school districts joined with job coaches for a half-day experience on May 17 focusing on adolescent development in the areas of individual and team growth.  The program included cooperative games and initiatives, low and high challenges and opportunities for the groups to discuss their experiences.

“This experience is the ultimate field trip,” said Robert E. Detor, president and chief executive officer South Oaks Hospital, “offering building blocks to self-esteem, confidence, communication, problem solving, and personal and team growth.  I congratulate all the staff at the Career & Educational Counseling Center on this tremendous milestone and offer my thanks to our staff at Project C.A.R.E for their support and expertise.”  

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