Benefactor Donates $500,000 to North Shore-LIJ Nephrology Institute

GREAT NECK, NY -- John Raggio, chair of the North Shore-LIJ Health System’s Nephrology Institute, displayed his continued devotion to fighting chronic kidney disease (CKD) with a recent $500,000 donation to the Institute that bears both his and his wife’s name.
The donation to the Janet and John Raggio Nephrology Institute will help sustain its innovative work on CKD prevention, which focuses on early detection, early education and early intervention.  

Thanks to the continuous leadership and financial support from Mr. Raggio, the Institute is entering its second decade of serving the community. Robert T. Mossey, MD, established the institute 10 years ago with the mission of heightening community awareness by stressing CKD education, early detection and prevention.  The Institute does extensive community outreach, including promotion of early detection, offering community education workshops and collaborating with community leaders to spread strategies to prevent the disease.

Alessandro G. Bellucci, MD, now leads the Institute, which  has embarked on a new slate of innovative community programs. One of the new projects includes working closely with North Shore-LIJ Laboratories.  Dr. Bellucci and Steven Fishbane, MD, chief of North Shore-LIJ’s Division of Hypertension and Kidney Disease within the Department of Medicine, are looking into an at-risk patient population whose kidney function is between 60 and 90 percent in order to identify opportunities for early treatment.

 The first phase of the project will identify the primary care physicians treating these at-risk patients and inform them of the opportunities for early intervention and/or early referral to nephrologists.  The second phase will involve providing those patients with the tools needed to monitor their kidney function.  The purpose is to follow these patients long term to study their risk factors and kidney function.  The ultimate goal is to develop effective strategies to slow the progression or perhaps prevent the onset of CKD. 

Two other projects being supported by Mr. Raggio’s philanthropy are the CKD Healthy Transitions Program and the Lose Weight To Donate Program.  The HT Program is a patient-centered initiative for CKD patients in the later stages of the disease to ensure that proper communication is in place and optimal treatment is provided. The Lose Weight To Donate Program’s goal is helping potentially qualified kidney donors who are willing  to donate their kidneys except they can not because of a body mass index that is too high. 

In addition, the Institute will continue to support the Fellowship Program of the Division of Hypertension and Kidney Disease.  Throughout the years, the Raggio Fellows participate in important clinical research projects, publish valuable research papers and engage in community screening and education programs.  Providing critical funding for the training of young nephrologists is another indispensible contribution from Mr. Raggio.     

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