Be Open to Marriage at First Sight

GLEN OAKS, NY – The TV show “Marriage at First Sight,” with the premise that couples get married without having met each other and are matched by relationship experts is an interesting concept, a New York psychiatrist says.

“If it works for them, it works for them and good for them,” says Scott Krakower, DO, psychiatrist at the Zucker Hillside Hospital.

For anyone who might be interested in participating in this, Dr. Krakower says they should keep an open mind and remain positive, but know in the back of their head that things may not work out so they won’t be disappointed.

For those who think this may be another solution for people who don’t have time to meet their special someone, that may be the case, but meeting someone through friends or in another fashion should not be discounted either.

 “I think it does offer a solution in this fast-paced, high-tech, Internet world,” Dr. Krakower says. “I think this is yet another way that we can perhaps meet someone… But even in that fast-paced, high-tech, driven environment, I still think that there’s room to meet somebody else like many of your friends who are fast-paced and high-tech and maybe you guys will just run into each other somewhere.”


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