All Plumped Up On Kylie Jenner Challenge

Kylie Jenner lip-plumping challenge is dangerous
Kylie Jenner

Once again, a teen celebrity – this time Kylie Jenner -- is responsible for an adolescent craze that is sweeping the nation. And the results are dangerous.

This time, thanks to Ms. Jenner’s challenge, teenage girls are posting pictures of themselves with artificially plumped-up lips in an attempt to resemble the reality TV star.

The posted images show girls sucking on shot glasses, plastic cups or new gadgets specially designed for this purpose. While the results of the plumped-up lips only last for 2-3 hours, the results are longer lasting -- inflammation, bruising and/or permanent disfigurement.

Many adolescents who participate in trends/challenges like this have not been properly advised by parents or concerned adults about the dangers involved, said child/adolescent psychiatrist Scott Krakower, MD, of Zucker Hillside Hospital.

“Parents should encourage their children not to participate in trends like this. They should explain that what is portrayed in the media is often unrealistic and can be dangerous.”

It’s clear that young people, who are naturally curious and prone to risk-taking behaviors, look up to trending celebrities as role models.

“The danger is that those who participate in games like this may have a decreased sense of self-control and may be more impulsive by nature, “ said Dr. Krakower.

In addition to parents, other professionals, such as teachers and pediatricians, can be instrumental in speaking to young people about the dangers of such risk-taking trends, he said.



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