Administrative Fellows Make North Shore-LIJ “a Better Place”

LAKE SUCCESS, NY -- Alumni, founders, mentors and preceptors of the Administrative Fellowship Program at North Shore-LIJ’s Center for Learning and Innovation (CLI) gathered recently at the Village Club of Lake Success to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the program. Graduates of the program include 59 administrators -- 33 of them already hold leadership positions across the North Shore-LIJ Health System.

Michael Dowling, the health system’s president and chief executive officer, was instrumental in creating the 12-month program, which gives fellows from the nation’s top graduate schools an opportunity to gain practical knowledge of various aspects of healthcare through interaction with all levels of administration. Mr. Dowling congratulated the fellows and said that he welcomed their youth and their fresh ideas, noting that the health system has been strengthened by their involvement.

 “Thanks to you, we are a better place,” he said. “We are embarking on a new field of endeavor, as a provider of health insurance in addition to healthcare, and I am sure that we will continue to evolve and change, with you to advocate for the agenda.”

The 33 fellows still in the health system have received 81 promotions, according to Kathleen Gallo, RN, PhD, senior vice president and chief learning officer for the health system. They work at facilities all over the health system, with titles ranging from director to vice president.  Dr. Gallo extended thanks to all the preceptors and mentors for the program -- especially to its director, Margaret McDonough, who “has created a program that is the gold standard for fellowships across the country.”

Joshua Strugatz (class of ’04-’05), associate executive director of administration at Glen Cove Hospital, who served as the event’s master of ceremonies,  acknowledged the efforts of Mary Mansfield, RN, who was with the program at its inception and serves as nurse manager for the family practice at Glen Cove Hospital, and Jeff Kraut, senior vice president of strategic planning and business informatics for the health system, who is affectionately known as “the godfather” who has been the program’s face of senior leadership for 10 years.

The fellows who have remained in the system and their current titles are as follows:

Class of 2003-2004
Joseph Baglio, assistant vice president of physician administration, Physician and Ambulatory Network Services (PAANS), Lenox Hill Hospital;
Shilpa Malhotra, MD, attending physician, obstetrics and gynecology, Huntington Hospital;
Amit Powar, vice president, North Shore-LIJ Office of Community and Public Health;
Jessica Rosen-Olphie, assistant vice president, System Material Management; and
Jon Sendach, associate executive director of hospital operations, North Shore University Hospital

Class of 2004-2005
Claudine Cangiano, senior director of system services, North Shore-LIJ Human Resources;
Berthe Erisnor, assistant vice president of ambulatory services, PAANS;
Melissa (Perez) Jonker, director of operations, Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine; and
Joshua Strugatz, associate executive director of administration, Glen Cove Hospital

Class of 2005-2006
Mario Nozzolillo, administrative director, Syosset and Plainview Hospitals

Class of 2006-2007
Gerren Faustini, senior administrative director of otolaryngology, North Shore-LIJ Head and Neck Surgery Services; and
Jason Meier, senior administrative director, North Shore-LIJ Department of Radiation Medicine

Class of 2007-2008
Carole Ingrassia Bates, director of Office of Curriculum Support, Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine;
Jessica Billick-Mabie, director of North Shore-LIJ Orthopedic Services; Erin Diminick McGaughnea, senior administrative director, Cardiovascular Services; and
Bini Varughese, director of health system operations, North Shore-LIJ Corporate Administration

Class of 2008-2009
Gary Perodin, director of neurosurgery, Lenox Hill Hospital

Class of 2009-2010
Jorge Cruz, senior administrative manager, North Shore-LIJ Cancer Institute’s Monter Cancer Center; Joseph Nicolini, director of financial aid, Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine;
Inderjeet Sandhu, administrative director, North Shore-LIJ Cancer Institute’s Monter Cancer Center; and
Hadar Zisin-Laor, director of risk services, North Shore-LIJ Corporate Risk Management

Class of 2010-2011
Adam Boll, senior director, North Shore-LIJ System Perioperative Services;
Kristin Hartley, administrative director, North Shore-LIJ Cardiovascular Services;
Nirmal Pandya, director of business operations management, Perioperative Services, Long Island  
   Jewish Medical Center; and
Lauren Roth, project manager, North Shore-LIJ System Operations

Class of 2011-2012
Ariel Hayes, project manager, Zucker Hillside Hospital;
Lindsay Raskind, special assistant to the CEO, North Shore-LIJ System Administration; and
Todd Schuster, chief of staff, North Shore-LIJ Managed Care and Health Insurance Operations

Class of 2012-2013
Marcus Friedrich, MD, director of community practices, North Shore-LIJ Department of Medicine;
Jessica Goldbeck, project manager, Long Island Jewish Medical Center Operations;
Alexandria Margolis, project manager, North Shore-LIJ Advanced Illness Management/House Calls;
Katheryne Small, project manager, clinical transformation, North Shore-LIJ Evidence-Based Clinical Practice; and
Ariel Somekh, project manager, Lenox Hill Hospital

Current Fellows (Class of 2013-2014)
Gregory Bennett, Shivani Rajput, Jason Philip,
Jamie Herskovits and
Megan Stiles

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