Action Park Reopening Is a Conversation Starter

MANHASSET, NY – The reopening this summer of Action Park, a theme park that was closed in 1996 after six people died from injuries sustained at the park, is a call for parents and their children to discuss what rides are safe, a New York trauma surgeon says.  

“People just have to use their judgment and look at the ride beforehand,” says Matthew Bank, MD, director of trauma at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset. “If you feel it’s unsafe, don’t go.

There’s always another ride around the corner that you can go on.”

As a father himself, Dr. Bank advises that parents assess the park themselves and speak with their children about the potential outcomes of a ride.

“As a parent, I think the first thing that I would do is actually go with them and then look at the rides,” Dr. Bank says. “Go with them to the park and talk with them about what could happen if they go on a ride and something bad happens.”

If someone is injured while at a theme park, Dr. Bank advises to call 911 immediately.

“Always, always, always call for help,” Dr. Bank says. “The first thing is dial 911… And then just have some basic first aid skills. If someone’s bleeding, put pressure on it. Keep the person flat and try not to have any worse injury.”


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