7th Heaven Death Sheds Light On Sudden Cardiac Death

MANHASSET, NY – The autopsy of 7th Heaven actress Sarah Goldberg was said to be non-conclusive, but her family suspects a heart issue, which a New York cardiologist says points up the need for people to be aware of their heart health.

Sudden cardiac death is a very quick death from a perhaps previously undetected heart issue. One of the causes for sudden cardiac death is a condition in which people are born with a thick heart muscle, which can make it difficult to pump blood throughout the body, says Evelina Grayver, MD, director of the coronary care unit at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset. Other potential causes include an inherited rhythm issue or a congenital coronary artery defect where the artery is not in the proper place from birth.

“So there are a couple of red flags that people should definitely be looking out for,” Dr. Grayver says.

“One of them is definitely unexplained fainting or syncope as we refer to it. That is definitely a very worrisome sign and it should be further evaluated. More than that, also knowing a little bit about your genetic background and understanding whether there’s been a case of sudden cardiac death in your family of any family members less than 50 years of age.”

Dr. Gravyer says that more there needs to be more monitoring of these issues and more attention paid to this ailment.

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