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Malcolm Bell
President and CEO
Northwell Holdings and Ventures

As president and CEO, Malcolm Bell leads Northwell Holdings and Ventures, the health system's for-profit subsidiary which is tasked with generating recurring revenues to support the health system.

Mr. Bell is an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience working in health care and the life sciences. He began his commercial career in 1995, working for a large distribution company in Ireland, where he managed a number of product portfolios, including leading global brands from Biorad, Amersham and Johnson & Johnson Clinical Diagnostics.

In 1997, Mr. Bell cofounded Technopath Distribution Ltd, which he successfully built into a leading solutions provider to companies supplying products throughout the UK and Ireland.

Later in 2004, Mr. Bell cofounded Technopath Clinical Diagnostics, utilizing his strong scientific background and entrepreneurial mindset to develop a number of novel life sciences and health care businesses. Mr. Bell was appointed CEO of Technopath Clinical Diagnostics in 2011, leading the executive management team and business development activities while ensuring the business maintained its entrepreneurial and innovative focus.

During his tenure leading Technopath, Mr. Bell drove numerous product development and supply agreements, including global agreements with Abbott Diagnostics, Radiometer and Beckman Coulter. Technopath signed a joint venture with Northwell in 2017.

Mr. Bell received a B.Sc. honors degree in molecular biology and a master's in biotechnology from the National University of Ireland.

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