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Bradley Sherman, MD, wearing a blue shirt and multi-colored tie
Medical Director
Glen Cove Hospital

Chair, Department of Medicine
Glen Cove Hospital

Associate Professor
Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

Bradley Sherman, MD, is medical director and chair of the Department of Medicine at Glen Cove Hospital, where he oversees all medical affairs, including quality management, patient care and safety, utilization review and interdisciplinary rounds.

As chair, a role he has served since 2007, Dr. Sherman created a hospitalist program and he established teams dedicated to heart failure and orthopedic/hospitalist issues. He also helped reduce the length of stay of hospitalized patients from 7.4 to 4.6 days and initiated palliative care services.

Dr. Sherman completed the Greater New York Hospital Association’s Clinical Quality Fellowship Program in 2009 and the Advanced Leadership Development Course offered by the National Center of Healthcare Leadership. Dr. Sherman has been involved in several quality initiatives including a Six Sigma project on reducing variation in care for patients with heart failure; a capstone project on reducing 31-day readmissions for patients with heart failure and a project on physician accountability and responsibility titled, “Who is in Charge.” 

Dr. Sherman is on several Northwell Health leadership committees, including the Board of Trustees’ Committee on Quality, the Faculty Practice Executive Committee on Quality and the Faculty Practice Leadership Council, which he chairs. 

An associate professor of medicine at the Zucker School of Medicine, Dr. Sherman has published articles on the hospitalist perspective on treatment of community-acquired bacterial pneumonia and on the treatment of skin and soft tissue infections. He also completed the Healthcare Leadership Academy’s Physician Leadership program.