Quality & safety - Patient identification

Quality & safety - Patient identification


Patient identification is the process of correctly matching a patient to the correct intervention (service, test, treatment, and/or procedure) at every encounter in both the clinical and non-clinical setting.

For your safety, we will ask you to state your name and date of birth before you receive any test, treatments or medicines

Please speak up and notify staff if:

  • You are not asked your name or date of birth
  • Your patient identification band is not correct or comes off

Eight patient rights

  • Right Patient
  • Right Location
  • Right Time
  • Right to Participate
  • Right Test/Med
  • Right to Understand
  • Right Reason
  • Right to Consent/Refuse


Take a look at what we’re doing to improve your safety through Patient Identification!

Quality & safety

Our goal is to deliver exceptional quality to every patient during each step of the care process. We have developed a quality program that includes robust metrics analysis, awards, strategic partnerships and the innovative Krasnoff Quality Management Institute.

Patient privacy

Northwell Health strives to develop a bond of trust with our patients. As such, protecting the privacy of our patients’ health information is essential. Our privacy practices support patient rights under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).