Patient surveys

As a patient, you may receive a survey from us – sent either to your home address or securely to your personal email address on file with us.  Your response is always confidential, and your contact information is HIPAA protected.  Please take the time to respond and share any comments. We want to know how we are doing so that we may recognize our team members, better understand what a ‘great experience’ means to you, and continue to improve our services. We at Northwell Health are committed to providing compassionate care by devoting quality time to you, explaining things clearly, recognizing your concerns, making decisions together with you and treating you with dignity and respect. 

LEAD rounding

“I was amazed that the leaders at the top of this hospital came into my room to speak with me. They were truly concerned with my experience.”
– Northwell Health Patient

Every week, more than 200 leaders are performing LEAD rounds at various sites. This proven best practice, which originated in the eastern region, continues to spread across the Northwell sites and service lines.

The purpose of LEAD(ership) rounding is to connect leaders with the patients/customers they serve through rounding that takes place on the unit/department level and in patient’s rooms. LEAD stands for:

  • Leader rounding
  • Embraced by
  • All
  • Departments

LEAD rounding is ‘boots on the ground’ leadership, responding to patient needs in real time – connecting and recognizing our team members.

Addressing the emotional needs of patient and customers and giving leaders the opportunity to respond to these needs is integral to improving the patient experience.

Rounding occurs on Friday mornings, although many sites have expanded to include evening and weekend rounds as well.  Other sites within the organization continue to roll out LEADership rounding at their hospitals.

Patient & customer experience technology

In an effort to bring real-time service recovery to a whole new level advancing beyond the status quo, the Patient & Customer Experience partnered with the Northwell Health Digital Team to develop and launch Patient Experience Mobile Web Application pilots with the user experience of the customer front and center. The Patient Experience Mobile Web Application is a “virtual call-bell” empowering patients and family members to share their feedback or needs and wants with us in real time.

It is the perfect marriage — using technology to impact the customer’s experience at the point of care by identifying and addressing what’s most important to the patient and their loved ones and meeting their expressed and unexpressed needs.

Physician Patient Reviews

Northwell Health Physician Partners is an innovative leader in sharing dependable patient experience ratings and comments about our doctors’ care. This information is readily available on our doctors’ on

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