Culture of C.A.R.E. framework

The Culture of C.A.R.E. is Northwell Health’s framework for upholding the organization’s mission, values and behavioral expectations.  Our acronym C.A.R.E. stands for Connectedness, Awareness, Respect and Empathy

Each C.A.R.E. element supports exceptional patient/customer experience and reflects our dedication to providing patient and family-centered care.

The Culture of C.A.R.E. challenges the status quo and sets Northwell apart. Our 66,000 sets of eyes and souls influence the way care is being rendered to our community.  Core concepts of C.A.R.E. symbolize our promise to ourselves, our colleagues and you, our patients, families and customers.  

Education & development

Every role matters… every person matters… every moment matters.

Culture of C.A.R.E. (Reigniting the Passion) is Northwell Health’s comprehensive curriculum with storytelling and scenarios, for all employees, which carefully outlines areas of Connectedness, Awareness, Respect and Empathy

Tools such as our C.O.N.N.E.C.T. communication model, our L.A.S.T. service recovery model (outlined in our Annual Report), and the “Ripple Effect” of every action, help participants understand how they impact the patient and customer experience at every level of the organization.  Within one year, all employees at Northwell Health successfully completed the Culture of C.A.R.E. education curriculum.

Leadership commitment

“We can have the most beautiful facilities, well-functioning processes and a clean environment, but we will still fail.  We must strengthen our culture and accountability to focus on empathy, customer service and communication across the entire organization.”
– Sven Gierlinger, SVP, Chief Experience Officer

Top-level engagement helps to ensure the Northwell’s strategic growth and sustainment of its mission.  Without a culture of leaders and employees truly committed and accountable to making every moment with their patients matter we can’t provide the best quality care. 

Our leaders are champions for the Culture of C.A.R.E. and are committed to its dissemination at each of our hospitals.  With a focus on storytelling, empathy, aligning personal values and building teamwork, our leaders and teams are able to connect and ignite their focus to live and role model a Culture of C.A.R.E. across Northwell Health.

Culture leaders & facilitators

In every organization, there are people who are influencers; people who influence culture and behavior and who make a positive impact on others and the organization as a whole.  Patient and Customer Experience recognize each site and service line have local influencers for the patient/customer experience. 

Culture leaders are identified leaders, one per site/service line, responsible for overseeing the execution of a local patient/customer experience strategy and aligned with the Patient & Customer Experience strategy. 

Culture Leaders report directly to the executive director/vice president and together, further embed the Culture of C.A.R.E. into everyday work.  Selection criteria for culture leaders include:  organizational awareness, managerial courage, passion for the patient/customer experience, strong interpersonal skills and role modeling.  Currently Northwell has 53 culture leaders representing every major entity within the organization.

Facilitators are chosen to lead the Culture of C.A.R.E. educational sessions at each site/service line along with the culture leader, as well as support local patient/customer initiatives.  To date, nearly 350 facilitators are educated and developed to successfully facilitate the interactive 2-hour Culture of C.A.R.E. course.

Patient & Customer Experience prepares our culture leaders and facilitators by providing a two day facilitation workshop where they learn the Culture of C.A.R.E. curriculum, facilitation skills and perform teach-backs.  Patient & Customer Experience in partnership with our Center for Learning and Innovation leadership serve as content expert coaches and provide useful feedback for successful outcomes.

Culture leader council

Each month, Patient & Customer Experience hosts the Culture Leader Council, a meeting that aids in the ongoing development of culture leaders.  The meeting is chaired by Northwell’s Senior Vice President/Chief Experience Officer and the format consists of sharing patient stories, discussing Patient & Customer Experience updates, peer learning, new learning and open discussion.  Through this forum and other shared work teams, culture leaders establish and sustain a sense of teamwork, connectedness, networking and inspiration.  

Culture leader summit

In August 2017, the Office of Patient & Customer Experience hosted its 2nd Annual Culture Leader Summit. This year’s event focused on “Leading Endless Possibilities in Patient Experience.” Culture Leaders and senior leaders heard from inspirational guest speakers and esteemed leadership panel and worked together to strategize ways to enhance the patient and customer experience at their local site/service line. 

Culture of C.A.R.E. in action

In April 2018, Patient & Customer Experience hosted the 2nd annual Patient Experience Conference: Every Moment Matters celebrating National Patient Experience Week. With an audience of senior leadership, Culture Leaders, patients and families, the day was centered on re-engagement, gratitude and inspiration. Kicked off by our Chief Experience Officer, Sven Gierlinger, and Agnes Barden, VP, Patient and Customer Experience, this event included experiential learning, academic posters, Northwell Ted-talk style presentations and nationally-recognized Keynote speakers including esteemed author, Dr. Rana Awdish, cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg, experience design expert Sonia Rhodes and patient-family-centered care advocate, Dr. Michael Bennick. This event brought together patient and customer experience influencers with the objective of enhancing the overall healthcare experience by sharing and leveraging best practices.  

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