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Standing strong against the opioid crisis—together
Substance use has affected many of us, whether personally or through a loved one. Our experts understand the unique challenges of this epidemic and are joining forces to find innovative solutions—and change millions of lives for the better.

Who we are

It’s estimated that more than 2 million Americans will suffer from addiction to prescription or illicit opioids in 2018. The Opioid Management Steering Committee (OMSC) was created in 2016 as an organized forum for Northwell experts to join forces against this rising epidemic; it’s an opportunity to share resources and implement potential solutions in an effort to better serve our providers, patients, employees and community.

With active partnerships from numerous clinical and non-clinical departments throughout our health system, a coalition of workgroups was formed to research and implement solutions with a collaborative approach. This interdisciplinary group pledges to explore multiple avenues with the understanding that there is no standalone solution to the opioid crisis in the United States.


Our goals

  • Limit the supply of opioids by monitoring prescription and dispensing practices.
  • Raise awareness of risk of opioid addiction by educating patients, providers and the public.
  • Identify and manage the opioid-dependent population by providing consistent care, tapering, pain management, alternative treatments and education for patients and families.
  • Identify and treat opioid-addicted individuals through comprehensive addiction treatments, supportive social services and prevention of fatal overdose.