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Diversity & inclusion education and development at Northwell Health is a collaborative partnership at the Center for Learning and Innovation designed to exemplify our commitment to the cultural needs of our patients, families, colleagues and the communities we serve. These courses and resources provide participants with tools that foster cultural humility, critical thinking and self-awareness – to promote competency in maintaining a fair, high-performing and inclusive work environment. Below are just a few of the many learning opportunities offered to our employees.


CultureVision™ is a comprehensive resource available to Northwell Health employees who are interested in developing their cultural knowledge. The information is intended to promote open-mindedness and inclusivity through thoughtful questions.

Considering diversity exists among individuals even within a given culture, CultureVision™ provides users with information to help anticipate their patients’ needs and guide their conversations.  This resource provides accurate up-to-date information on more than 68 cultural groups and includes the following topics:

  • Communication
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Family patterns, beliefs, religion and spirituality
  • Treatment protocols and ethno–pharmacological issues

Annual senior leadership & executive conferences and summits

Senior leadership and executive conferences and summits provide our leadership with diversity, inclusion and health literacy organizational strategies that promote patient outcomes and raise cultural awareness in the care of our patients and the communities we serve.


Inclusion academy

The Inclusion Academy leadership development program is designed to provide coordinators, front-line managers and directors with the tools necessary to implement and manage diversity and inclusion strategies at their local sites and facilities.  The academy includes representation from the Collaborative Care Council, High Potential and Physician High Potential programs, Patient Experience Committee leaders, IT Management and human resource managers. 

In 2014, DIHL collaborated with Forest Hills Hospital and the 1199SEIU (Service Employees International Union) Training and Upgrading Fund to deliver a pilot care coordination cultural competency fundamentals program. We also worked with the Greater New York Hospital Association, to extend the  “Cultural Competency Training for Frontline Staff” program, designed to enhance patient-centered care skills.

Distance learning

"Unconscious Bias" e-learning module

In collaboration with Cook Ross, Inc., DIHL is launching a series of “Unconscious Bias” online interactive courses through the Northwell Health Learning Management System (iLearn). This online educational course is offered to our front line supervisors and managers to develop awareness of unconscious bias and how it impacts the workplace, through self-analysis and the practice of new concepts and skills.  Participants will develop a deeper understanding of unconscious filters, views and interpretations to practice new concepts and skills.

Health Literacy Online Education Program 

Diversity, inclusion and health literacy focused efforts on increasing awareness in the workforce through the development of a web based Health Literacy module to provide staff with the fundamental skills and resources to enhance the patient experience, strengthen effective patient-provider communication and promote patient-centered care. The module is accessible to all Northwell Health healthcare professionals in a user-friendly, interactive and timely way, and can be found in the Education and Research section on the employee intranet.

Hofstra University Pipeline Mentoring Program: Health Literacy and Language Access Education

The Medical Scholars Program was designed to increase diversity within the healthcare workforce by exposing interested students from underserved backgrounds to various healthcare professions by leading them through a rigorous five-week academic course. DIHL participated in mentoring students for a research project entitled, "Assessing Community Knowledge and Expectations of Language Access Programs to Inform Potential Solutions to Barriers of Care and Improve Communication."

System-wide Integration of effective communication education

In order to provide all patients with the ability to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions, educational opportunities were made available to Health System employees. DIHL established various interdisciplinary system-wide intramural education initiatives that have helped to transform the Northwell Health climate and promote an environment that is diverse, inclusive and health literate. These efforts have been crosscutting in both discipline and mode of delivery through the development of interprofessional orientations and in-print, online and in-class educational opportunities. DIHL partnered with senior Nursing, Administration and Quality leadership to develop educational opportunities to educate staff about effective communication and its relationship to patient safety, quality and risk management.  Additional educational opportunities not previously mentioned include:

  • Courses at the Center for Learning and Innovation (CLI)
  • Patient Safety Rounds
  • Institute for Nursing Orientation Classes
  • Corporate Compliance Mandatory Topics Program
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Onsite Education
  • Webinars
  • Monthly Education Tips
  • Community Outreach

Cultural DIHL courses at The Center for Learning and Innovation

Cultural Diversity: Enhancing Patient-Centered Care

Diversity is the mosaic of people who bring a variety of backgrounds, styles, perspectives, values and beliefs as assets to the groups and organizations with which they interact. Inclusion is an environment where each person feels, welcomed, respected, supported and valued as a team member.

Health Literacy: Enhancing Patient-Centered Care

Health literacy is defined as the ability to read, understand, and act on health information. Millions of Americans have difficulty understanding health information and services needed to make health care decisions. Clear communication can enhance health outcomes by ensuring that information is delivered in an easy-to-understand, actionable and culturally-relevant way. Join us to learn how to enhance written and oral communication and how to create and choose patient-friendly written education materials.


The medical innovators that we educate today will drive the future of medicine.

Through the Zucker School of Medicine, our residencies and fellowships, and continuing and professional education, we are dedicated to the best training for tomorrow’s leaders.

Community health

We realize that staying healthy is as important as getting better, and that wellness services and health-related information play an increasingly critical role.

Our community health programs and events bring wellness, prevention, safety, and support into the everyday lives of our communities.

1981 Marcus Ave. , E110
Lake Success, New York 11042
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